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Treign Ambassador Program

Seeking Brand Ambassadors!

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors (male/female) that are eager and passionate about sharing the Treign story and promoting our Brand.


Get your followers to interact with us! Take pictures of yourself wearing Treign and make sure to tag us on social media. Be yourself and create something unique for your following. Encourage your followers to follow Treign and engage with your posts.

Key Notes:

Be Passionate - Talk about things that you love, like our brand!

Be Authentic - Stand out with your unique content and personality. Show us why you are a good fit.

Be Consistent - Post regularly to help us create brand recognition and top of mind awareness.

Overview and Benefits:

  • 6 months - 1-year trial
  • Free box of products to get started.
  • Enjoy 40% off merchandise discount on Treign products
  • Promote personal discount code to receive 10% sales generated by code  (*There may be times when the ambassador code will not be applicable.)
  • Earnings will be paid quarterly. To qualify, you must adhere to posting requirements below.
  • You must NOT be an ambassador for any other fitness apparel brands.


  • Facebook:
    • 5 posts per month
    • Include hash tags (#GoTreign #commit #fitness #burntheships)
    • Tag Treign and link to product on the website.
    • Include your personal discount code.
  • Instagram:
    • 5 posts per month (3 stories, 2 posts)
    • 1 Repost from Treign account a month
    • Include hash tags (#GoTreign #commit #fitness #burntheships)
    • Have code in your BIO.
    • Mention the product by name (so your followers know what to buy!)
    • Link the website to your Insta story to allow the swipe up feature.