Treign at the ARX Summer Slam at Rock City Complete Fitness

Treign at the ARX Summer Slam at Rock City Complete Fitness

Over the weekend, we had the privilege of sponsoring a few athletes at the ARX Summer Slam hosted at Rock City Complete Fitness. This is an Elite CrossFit Competition that highlights teams made up of one male and one female as they battle it out on the floor to show who is the strongest in their division.

With the van in tow, table set, and athletes prepped, we were able to witness our athletes compete in grueling comps. 

On the first day, our athletes had to complete 2 events.

For our Intermediate team, they had an 8 minute AMRAP in which they were scored on the total number of calories gained on the BikeErg and the total number of wall walks.

RX had a similar scheme, however, instead of wall walks, they performed a max distance gained for handstand walks.

Event 2 consisted of:

Every 2 min for 8 sets (4 each)

*15/12 cal row

*12 Toes-to-bar (T2B)

*Max SQUAT Clean in remaining time

Rx: 205/145

Int: 155/105

Afterward, athletes were then given a 12 hour rest period - as the games commenced the next day beginning at 9am.

The three events were just as unforgiving as the previous days events, having them perform synchronized movements to battling it out with 21 calorie springs on the Echo Bike.

For all of the athletes who competed - congratulations to you all. You committed to your team. You trained. You conquered.

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