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Where does the Treign name come from?

Treign was selected because of its ability to have different meanings. Because it sounds like train, people will relate. In order to be successful in business, sports, or any arena, training has to be integral to your daily life. Also significant is reign- everyone wants to reign in their own sphere.

Where does the mark come from?

The Treign mark was inspired by the leather himantes of ancient athletes, most often fighters. These hand-wraps were as integral to athletes’ success then as Treign apparel is for athletes today.

When will new products be offered?

New designs and products will be offered over the next few months. Please sign up for releases on new products and sales.

Do you allow returns?

Yes, please contact us to make a return.

Do you make custom apparel?

Yes. You can send us a design or we have a specialist who can help you with a design.

Why are your products better than other brands?

Comfort, fit, and feel. Try one of our shirts, we hope you agree our apparel is new and different while also being the most comfortable you own.