About Us


Treign was established in 2016 for athletes who are Committed.  Commitment is something we are losing in our culture today.  Commitment to our families, friends, neighbors, or fellow citizens is something we should strive to keep.  We also should keep our Commitment to ourselves.  Whether you're Treigning in the gym, trail, or any where else you get your workout, Commit!  


Our motto at Treign is “Commit, Burn the Ships!”.  Alexander the Great and Hernan Cortes each supposedly gave this command to their men during a conquest so that retreat was not an option.  Our company is dedicated to helping others pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles, and we believe it is extremely important to give back.  We donate to organizations that help provide food and clothing, shelter, and education to those in need.  Some of these organizations also provide medical care.  These include military and veterans groups along with missionary organizations in Haiti.

The Treign mark was inspired by the leather Himantes of ancient athletes, most often fighters. These hand-wraps were as integral to these historic athletes’ success as we hope our Treigning apparel will become to athletes of today.

Commit and GoTreign!