Coming Soon: Latitude

We’re committed to providing athletic apparel our athletes love. After months of searching, we’ve found and partnered with a manufacturer here in the United States to provide our women athletes with a high-quality option for ethically manufactured athleticwear, made in America.

Presenting "Latitude"

Latitude by Treign is not just a line of women's athletic apparel; it's a testament to the resilience and vigor of the American spirit. Crafted with the needs of the competitive female athlete in mind, Latitude brings together the essence of American manufacturing excellence and the world of high-intensity sports. It's a celebration of American-made quality, designed specifically for women who see no limits in their pursuit of holistic health and athletic prowess.

For the Holistic Female Athlete

Latitude is tailored for the woman who challenges herself in every aspect of her life. These are not just workout clothes; they are pieces of empowerment, designed to support the holistic athlete in her journey towards balance and excellence. Whether it's lifting weights, mastering a new CrossFit routine, or focusing on mental and emotional well-being, Latitude is there to support, comfort, and inspire.